about Steve Davis AKA Papa SKWE-G

Ten years ago I was on the top of the world; a beautiful family and a successful window washing business keeping me busy full time.

 Then 911 happened and my finances went spiraling downward; we lost the house, maxed out on credit cards and business taxes were long over due and I severely injured myself to the point that I could no longer work.

After 22 years washing windows I sold the business in 2006 and gradually improved our situation. But when a divorce announcement made me a single parent and threw my three children into a confusing environment, it was time to move out of the Puget Sound area and come back home to Lake Chelan in North Central Washington.

I found a job with a local family-owned business as a Water Restoration Technician and the winter of 2008-2009 was very busy. I was able to provide my little family a home in Chelan with some peace of mind.

But as we headed for the 2009 holidays I was laid off and immediately tried to launch another window washing business (I was healed by then) and found out that window washing would be seasonal on this side of the Cascades. 

So I survived the winter and became busy with window washing in the late spring, 2010. But even so, as I said, it would be seasonal when our Lake Chelan valley moves into the fall and winter months. I needed to find something else.

I spent many hours at the local library last winter searching online for opportunities . One home business stood apart from the others and after a month of research and hard questions I learned how other families overcame their financial woes by becoming Internet Marketers earning 5-figure incomes within a year‘s time.

“Could that be possible for me?

I didn’t know anything about internet marketing but I was determined to know ’How To Do” and become as proficient as my previous occupation. As I graduated from each tutorial step the world of an internet marketer revealed its secrets and provided overwhelming evidence that this was truly an amazing and powerful opportunity.

 I am truly grateful for Carbon Copy Pro and founders, Aaron and Jay, for their vision and providing a pathway for me to follow in my quest for success and realized dreams.  Stephen P. Davis

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