Why? I remember asking that question as a kid , don’t you? Wanting to know why the sky is blue, why is snow white, why this and why that to the point that made my mom finally say, “Ask your father!“ or “because, that‘s the way it is!”

As I got older the ‘whys’ became more serious whether I agreed with the answers or not and eventually asking myself that question has been very important as the solutions provided me with decisive information from knowing to understanding.

Recently I had the ‘pleasure’ to rethink my business and personal goals when I began my journey as an internet marketer. It was put before me to “understand my whys” if I truly wanted to succeed in this most interesting new career choice.

During my window washing days I already knew how important writing down goals were, ‘If you can perceive it and believe, you can achieve it!”, and usually reached my projected sales numbers. To me that was success.

But this assignment went beyond my core of just asking the questions of how big, what color, how soon and when. It became more than making a five to six figure income and spending more time with my three children. It became a ‘mind-shift’ of showing up as a leader empowering others with the humility of an empowered follower.

This list was my reasons to keep going when things went south; it was my burning desire to succeed, to overcome self when it got in the way and reminded me that doors would be opening to unknown opportunities where the empowered had access. It focused my vision and sharpened new found abilities while freeing me from the false and flat-world thinking.

During my new venture I boiled the twenty reasons I had written down to one word, a word that defined each destination while leaving an old one behind. It opened every door when I arrived at the moment of clarity; and that word is, ‘Became’.

I became a better listener, a better father and parent, a citizen for my community and a thinker for our country and world. I could discern the faltering echoes of my own voice from the firm encouragements of the universe, strengthening my spirituality and resolve. Becoming will always be the journey itself, synonymous with ‘overcoming’, and the great rewards of ‘became’, whether they’re big or small, will be the conquered destinations of the goals in life.

A word of caution in your venture beyond the comfort zone. Beware of friends, family or ‘self’ wanting to reel you back to your previous dead end thinking under the guise of saving you from disaster. Doubt and fear will be your betrayers convincing you back into the shackles of mediocrity. Stay true to your ‘WHYS’ and persevere through unenlightened intentions or you will be enslaved by an ’un-becoming’ life of struggle, regret and frustration.

An earlier mentor, James Rohn, had a great closing for one of his personal development lectures, the ‘Four Why’s of Success’. Feel free to use these on your journey.

The first was simply the question “WHY? Why go that far or go that high? Why go that long, that early that late? Why break a speed record, go for the winning touchdown, climb every mountain and fjord every stream? Why sacrifice TV time, family time, down time, sleep time?” This was answered with the next question.

“Why Not? Why not go that far, that high, that long to be successful? Why not be the leader of your up-line or the front lines and the example for your community. Why not be an inspiration of hope for the lost and a silent benefactor for the heavy ladened? Why not, what else are you going to do with your time and energy?

“Why not you?” was the next question. Why not you be the one to earn a six or seven figure income?; why not you travel to Barcelona where the best collection of Modernist architecture and cutting-edge cuisine is found?; why not you walk the misty shores of Scotland or climb the ancient stone steps of Manchu Picchu in Peru?; why not you swim with the dolphins in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand or just walk the white sands of some remote cove on the Hawaiian Islands; why not you?”

And the last question, WHY NOT NOW?, demands your immediate attention and inner sense. When evoking this last question with an honest desire, the Universe reveals your future to the imagination in a ‘blink of an eye’, and captures these revelations as hunches and intuitions. It will be up to you to trust those instincts and follow your heart.

One thing is for sure, once you’ve envision what you can become you’ll never be satisfied with your life until you get there. Why?, because I said so.

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